Frequently Asked Questions

1. You’re doing what now?

We’re going to serve in the United Kingdom as missionaries with the missions organization AT3.

2. So, like, what does AAT mean?

AT3 stands for the Alliance for Transatlantic Theological Training but that’s too many words. Learn more here.

3. Cool, cool, cool. Yeah, the Transformer Alliance of Theology Trains is a lot of words.

Right?! But it is fancy sounding. Best of both worlds though, catchy acronym and fancy sounding name.

4. What does TA5 do?

AT3 exists to equip pastors and church planters to serve in secular, post-Christian cultures.

5. Secular, post-Christian cultures?


6. What’s that mean?

I wrote a couple of blog posts about it.

7. Didn’t read ’em.

Oh. Ok. So, what I mean by secular, post-Christian is threefold: 1) There’s a distinction between the sacred and the common place; 2) There’s a separation between religion/faith and public life; 3) We can form a moral foundation and vision of the good life without God.

8. I see. So what does that have to do with AT3?

We’ll be serving in the United Kingdom, which is largely post-Christian. Studies show that by 2020 only ~5% of the entire population will belong as members to any Christian tradition. Only about a third of those will be evangelical. It seems the United States is about a generation behind the UK.

9. Sooooooo… like, what will you be doing?

Right, right. Totally. We’re going to be working in a local church in Liverpool and studying theology at Union School of Theology.

10. Wait? Are you missionaries or students?


11. That’s not helpful.


12. So you want us to pay for you to study abroad?

Kinda, yes.

13. Huh. Ok. Interesting.

Maybe I should explain myself. This might take a moment so you might want to go to the bathroom or check that your boss isn’t watching.

Our graduate studies in the UK are an important part of what we’ll be doing but most of our time will be spent serving the church and working as missionaries.

Think of it this way: Every English speaking missionary serving in a non-English speaking culture will spend their first term exclusively learning the language and culture of where they’re serving. AT3 is like a missionary’s language school, except the language and culture we’ll be learning is “Secular, Post-Christian.”

Beyond that, Christ calls us to extreme generosity. Like I said in a recent sermon, God isn’t so concerned about what happens with our pocket change, He cares more that we gave freely when asked. If you’re not compelled to support us that’s totally cool we still want to be besties, here’s some other programs, missionaries, and churches we really believe in:

  • Remington Darling is a dear friend of ours who is going be a missionary to Cambodia. To learn more shoot her an email at or donate at (and enter her name in the worker box).
  • Circle of Concern is a ministry designed to serve children in Mexico. We’ve gone on several trips with Circle — in fact, Tommy may have decided he was going to propose on a trip with Circle. Learn more here.
  • Chapelstreet Church, Inland Hills Community ChurchGrace Fellowship Churchthese are some of the churches we love if you want to go above and beyond your own tithes and offerings.

14. Yeah, that was a lot.

Sorry. Also, all donations are tax deductible.

15. Good to know about the tax stuff. Are you gonna get a degree or something?

Yeah! I’ll finish with an accredited Graduate Diploma in Theology.

16. So, like, how long will you be in the United Kingdom?

The AT3 program is a two year program.

17. And then what?

We’re not entirely sure at this point beyond planting churches. This could take a lot of shapes. We sense the Lord calling us back to the States to plant in a mid-sized city but He could very well be calling us to plant in the United Kingdom.

18. Will you come plant here?


19. So, that’s a yes.

Sure, why not?

20. When are you planning on heading over?

Our target date is in late August of this year but we need to have 80% pledged before we can set a hard date.

21. What do you need from us?

I know it sounds cliche but we really need your prayers. We’ve always joked with each other about missionaries saying this in the past but we were too cynical and have repented. We want as many as are willing to pray with us and grow with us on this journey.

We also need to raise $3300 in monthly support. Anything you can give would be amazing. Every dollar helps — $10/monthly or $1000/daily — would go a long way in seeing the Gospel spread in Liverpool and beyond.

22. $1000 daily?


Or, whatever your budget affords.

23. Where do we sign up?

24. We’re praying for you.

Thank you! How can we pray for you? Leave a comment, email us at, or comment on our Facebook Page to let us know.

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  1. ♡T. (& Dave) Morris May 24, 2017 — 10:52 am

    I am always hopeful that after a BIG EMOTIONAL EVENT I will bounce back, light & fast as a hummingbird. Alas, not so much this time! For personal preservation, Sunday I put myself in lock-down. It was good but I missed you three! We believe in & want to support your efforts to bring Christ to the UK. Details being determined.


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