Hi, We’re the Welty Family!

In the fall of 2017 we will begin our next season of ministry in the United Kingdom. We have sensed the Lord calling us to an exciting new venture there called The Alliance for Transatlantic Theological Training (AT3).

AT3 exists to equip pastors and church planters who are faithful to the Gospel and seeing the Kingdom of God grow throughout the world — particularly in post-Christian and secular cultures.

Individuals and families, through AT3, are partnered with a local church in the United Kingdom as apprentices. There they help support the work of the church in sharing the Gospel and seeking the welfare of the city. By apprenticing with leaders who are already navigating their secular culture and receiving an accredited theological graduate degree, pastors are equipped to be sent out to plant churches in the United Kingdom and United States. To learn more about why we’re serving in the United Kingdom visit here.

As we prepare to serve overseas we want to invite you to join us in prayer, in financial support, in learning how to serve our communities as they grow increasingly secular, and ultimately seeing the spread of God’s kingdom throughout the United Kingdom and the world.

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